Hey all, today is one year later and MetalSucks is doing a very nice tribute: http://www.metalsucks.net/2011/04/12/metalsucks-exclusive-one-year-...

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Very good read.  Enjoyed it, but hated it all at once
Great article.  Sad that he's gone, but still loving the stories told by friends and family.
I enjoyed the insights from people very much. I felt this entire year that it was as though there'd been a some sort of silent vigil and people are finally speaking out and saying what's really on their minds.
Peter Steele.... The king of kings. Long live the King!
Good read.  Glad you shared.
Great article! I'm glad everyone is remembering Peter and how he affected so many with his greatness. There will never be another.  RIP Pete...you are very missed


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