Had some questions since The Signing is a few weeks old now.


- Any plans for a full-blown tour in the states?

- Videotaping any of the shows for a DVD/Blu-Ray?

- T-shirts, stickers, other merchandise?

- How about a video or two for songs off And Hell Will Follow Me?

- Have you pondered set lists?

- Will any cover tunes be a part of the rotation?

- Meet & greets on the plate during the tour?

- I heard during the interview that Sal is already working on new material. Is there a target date, has SPV set deadlines for new material, or is it a "when it's done" thing?

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Good questions. I also wouldn't mind if SPV would add the live dates, etc on their website. I mean we gotta start getting people at these gigs. oh and you know we have to have meet and greet and get them loaded....insert evil laughter


I will answer what I can and let Sal handle the rest. As he put it to me, there is a method to the madness and information will be released as it is allowed to be released. His hands are tied to a certain degree about what he can say. :)


1) I don't see any reason why they wouldn't do some dates in the states. Personally I think the fall time frame would be great. A Halloween package would be killer. me speculating and wishing.

2) I personally dont know about DVD/Blue Ray. However alot of the summer fests APHND is on in Europe is professionally recorded and SPV could negotiate something. Or APHND could appear on a FEST Blue Ray/ DVD. Again, I am not privy on this. Chicken before the egg probably.

3) There will be merch! Sit tight dude. :)

4) No clue on the video. But it seems like the album is getting the full treatment. I dont know anything more then you do, but video's seem the be standard practice, and SPV doesnt seem to be cutting corners (i.e Vinyl release), so I could see this happening.

5) No clue on set lists. I will report more after the Dingbatz show.

6) I think Sal has made it clear on this website that there will not be covers during the live shows. Never say never, but for now, no covers.

7) Meet & greets are standard practice. I dont see any reason why he wont. I suspect it will have something to do with the Pale Soldiers Of Death or having to be a member of this very website. But that is me speculating.

8) LOL The album isnt technically out. I am with you, I want new material. But I suspect Sal and company will be touring their asses off this year and if the album is received well, into next year. But I have heard some of the new material (rough cuts) and you will be thrilled when it sees the light of day. One song in particular will have a significant meaning for many of us...most importantly to Sal. :)


I hope this answers some of your questions. Like I said, Sal stated to me there is a process to all of this which has to be abide by. So keep checking and telling your buds about APHND and as soon as Sal can let the black cats out of the bag, he will.




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