Call and request "To Die In Your Arms" on Sirius XM Liquid Metal 877-87-HEAVY

2 times in 24 hours is nice, but lets get it on a heavy rotation. Please call (877-87-HEAVY) and post on their facebook wall:

See spins below:

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Done. I see a lot of people requesting it, so hopefully they'll listen to us.
Thx, we need to get everyone to do this. We all listen, so we want to hear it.
I'm on it-I just wish I had Sirius! It's all about spreading the word though!
i dont have Sirius but i am spreading the word of APHND
Thx everyone- keep it up. Now you might win a poster and chance to chat w the band by calling and bugging them. So keep on it.

Things like this happen when you call and request APHND on Sirius XM Liquid Metal and Octane.


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