ZSG series of linear vibrating screens are widely applied to screen dry materials in building materials, water and power and light industry. The advantages of this series screen are as follows: stable operation, lower energy consumption, low noise, high efficiency and long service life. Linear vibrating screen is mainly composed of screen box, rack, screen, vibration motor, motor pedestal, damping spring, support form. 3, linear sieve installation and adjustment:

1, the screen box of this vibrating screens: the number of different thickness of zhang plates welded together, have a certain strength and stiffness, is the main part of the screen.

2, rack: the small deformation of wood, used to keep the screen tension level, achieve normal screening.If the proportion of large or large output can use metal screen frame.

Vibrating Screen

3, vibrating screens mesh, stainless steel screen mesh with compound of national standard.

4, vibration motor use see vibration motor operating instructions and maintenance method.

5, motor pedestal: standard (motor installed at the bottom of the vibrating screens box) of the sieve machine motor pedestal can be mobile, before using connection screws must be tightened, especially the new vibrating screens three days before the trial must be repeated fastening, loose lest cause an accident.

6, damping spring: prevent vibration to the ground at the same time support the entire weight of the screen box. When installation, the spring must be perpendicular to the ground.

7, support device of vibrating screens, is composed of channel steel, supporting the vibrating screen main body.Pillars must be perpendicular to the ground, the installation of two pillars below channel steel should be parallel to each other.

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