Be sure to say hi to Johnny Kelly here on APHND.

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Will Johnny Kelly please report to the n00b thread. Yes sir, even you have to earn your stripes ; ) 
Hello Johnny
What's up guys!  I'm really excited about being on board.  Sal has put together a great bunch of guys together and we're really looking forward to bringing it live to you people!  This is gonna be a blast!  Thanks for the warm welcome!
Yayyyyyyy!  Hi Johnny!
Really stoked to see such a fantastic line-up. Though geographic distance separates me, I'm hoping y'all will eventually have video clips up from the live shows so I can hear what APHND's live sound will be like.

Hey Johnny!  ROCK ON!


Welcome, dude!  Can't wait to see you play again! Met you in Dallas at the Paladium and had a blast!  Excited that you are on board!
Hello Johnny!!!

Hey Johnny! Greetings from Cardiff from me and my lil rat called Johnny


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