How does Lime Kiln Achieve Destination of Energy Saving?

Nickname roller kiln and lime rotary kiln structure is advanced, reliable lime rotary kiln kiln combined scales seal on both ends.Make use complex refractory air leakage coefficient is less than 10%, in order to reduce heat loss. Cement rotary kiln is the main equipment for calcinating cement clinker and it is widely used in cement, metallurgy and chemistry.

This lime rotary kiln machine is mainly composed of cylinder, supporting device, supporting device with catch wheel, transmission device, movable kiln head, kiln tail sealing device and calcining device. And do you know How does Lime Kiln Achieve Destination of Energy Saving?

Cement Rotary Kiln

Active lime kiln is a rotary kiln, it is main equipment of calcining active lime, the equipment by shell, bearing device, with hydraulic gear wheel bearing device, transmission device, lubrication device, sealing device parts, such as the active lime rotary kiln has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, production process automatic control conveviently, apply to the steel industry by using blast furnace gas and coke oven gas and chemical industry, calcium carbide or pulverized coal and mixed use of calcium carbide furnace off-gas such as technology, in order to improve the quality of lime and energy saving, calcined out high quality active lime.

Rotary kiln foundation pier arrangement shall meet the following requirements:1) the installation of limestone rotary kiln size should be uniform based on cold kiln; Horizontal distance between ;2) basic block, should be determined according to the size of the thermal expansion after; 3) axial thermal expansion calculation, kiln cylinder of lime rotary kiln should be located in transmission belting leather belt catch wheel near center as the reference point, to the ends of inflation; 4) on the surface of the foundation slope and kiln cylinder is equal to the slope, foundation hole should be perpendicular to the base surface.

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