Rotary rod mill is loaded by the cylinder body of grinding medium is named for the steel bar and rod mill is generally adopts wet the overflow type, can be used as a first class open circuit grinding, widely used in artificial sand, grinding mill, chemical plant of the electricity sector level. But do you know How to Make Your Rotary Rod Mill Save Time?

Ore Rod mill by the motor through reducer and around big gear reduction drive, or directly by the low speed synchronous motor through the surrounding big gear reduction drive, drive cylinder rotary. Cylinder body of Rotary rod mill is equipped with the appropriate grinding medium and steel bar. Grinding medium under the action of centrifugal force and friction force, was promoted to a certain height, the fall down or discharge state drops. By grinding materials of feeding mouth straight into the barrel inside, by the movement of grinding medium crushing, and the product through the power of the overflow and continuous feed discharge outside, to the next section process operation.

Rod Mill

Grinding rod should have sufficient rigidity and hardness in the process of using straight and not curved, should not very crisp, so didn't wear enough small diameter and broken into pieces, but the wear enough hours, should be able to break into small pieces, so that from the eduction in rod mill.Such as rod mill too soft, easy bending when cylinder rotation, bending grinding rod early damage and winding, winding grinding rod mill cleaning difficulties, a waste of time.

Rotary Rod mill can be divided into dry rod mill and wet rod mill, so users can choose proper rod grinder according to their own actual situations. Hongxing rod grinder uses advanced technology to control materials feeding and discharging; equipped with suitable grinding media according to the actual materials to be grinded, it changes the traditional surface contact into line contact and achieves more uniform particle size of finished products, higher yields and reasonable price,

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