Jaw crusher china is indispensable to crushing ore process equipment, including jaw crusher is known. china Jaw crusher after continuous practice and improvement, structure generally consistent, because the jaw crusher has simple structure, reliable operation, easy production, convenient maintenance and low cost advantages, so is still widely used in mineral processing, building materials, etc. Stone Jaw crusher china in the mineral processing industry commonly used for rigid or hard ore in rough break, break, there is also a finely role in small mine production.

Jaw crusher china works for dynamic JiYaXing, its working principle is: motor drive belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move up and down movement of hubei, when moving jaw rises between the bracket and hubei Angle, so as to promote the moving jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate, rather than the material being crushed or broken at the same time, achieve the purpose of broken;When moving downward of hubei, bracket and smaller Angle of hubei, dynamic jaw plate in the bar, under the action of the spring, leave the fixed jaw plate, now broken material from crushing cavity mouth eduction.As the motor turns continuously crushed and broken motor hubei as a periodic motion and discharge material, realize batch production.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher china performance characteristics:1. The crushing cavity depth and no dead zone, to improve the ability to feed and production;2. The broken than big, product size uniform,3. The gasket type discharging mouth adjusting device, convenient and reliable, the adjusting range is big, to increase the flexibility of equipment;4. Safe and reliable lubrication system, parts easy to change, small maintenance workload;5. Simple structure, reliable operation, low operating costs.6. Equipment and energy saving: stand-alone energy saving 15% ~ 30%, and the system energy saving more than double;7. Discharging mouth wide adjustment range, can meet the requirements of different users;8. Low noise, little dust.

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