This guy is the best drummer I have ever seen or heard!  It doesn't get any better than him.  Johnny, where are your instructional dvds?


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Johnny is definitely a madman behind the kit.
Its good I share my names with 2 of the best musicians Johnny Kelly and Keith Caputo
Thanks for the compliments.  They're greatly appreciated.  But I don't see myself making any kind of video in the near future.  I still consider myself a student of drumming in a lot of ways.  There is a long way to go for me before I would consider myself qualified to do something like that.  Aside from a few lessons, I'm basically, self taught.  I know that I do a lot of things incorrectly.  I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunities that I've had.  I'm not going to push it!

Johnny, I 100% agree! I will ALWAYS be a student of drumming and like you, I know for a fact I'm doing everything entirely all wrong!  LOL Hey it got me somewhat I guess drumming wrong is right..sometimes. ;-)


Brotha, this is my most favorite drumming of you ever...doing The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour." I always dug your LIVE drum sound and this really shows it well from the audience side.

Who the fuck is Johnny Kelly?


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