Hey all, many of you will have comments about Pete in the coming weeks. Might be nice to organize them all in one spot here in one thread and send them along to his family to read. Your call of course! 

Also, I came across this picture this morning and was wondering what he is playing here? Anyone know? Obviously a bass, but which one? Looks old...

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 It is still hard for me to believe he's gone, much less that 2 years have passed already. He will be forever missed. KIN <3

It's still unbelieveable he left so early,after 2 years it still makes me so sad.But I'm also thankful to seen him many times and because of the massive influence he had about my personal taste of music,everything is based on Carnivore/Type O.Let's habe a good bottle of red water and Type O Records to remember Peter,rest in peace green giant
I'm headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland tonight. I'll be clad my Type O gear in honor of Pete. I can't believe it's been two years...

It has been awhile since I have been on this site and I thought what a better time to stop by and honor the late and great PEter STeele. He was a great guy! He always made time for the fans and I have had the privilege of meeting him many times when TON played in Toronto, Buffalo and Detroit. It was a shame when I heard that he passed and it really hit me hard because Peter and his music meant a lot to me. He was my "John Lennon". I still blast the music and wear the shirts and I also permanently care the TON symbol inked on my body. Peter, who are gone but definitely not forgotten. I hope that you have found peace and that you are rocking with the other greats that have passed.

Peter... We should be celebrating a new Type O Negative  CD & tour.  Not mourning its been 2 years since you left us!  Do u know how loved you were?  Thank you Sal and Derek for providing this forum for us =).


Forever in my heart,

Entangled with my soul.

Never will I leave you

Never will I forsake you.

My enslaving angel I am eternally yours...



you suck


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