What are Requirement for Portable Crusher Test Run?

Products in the Chinese market is the first crawler mobile crusher.Represented by coarse broken mobile crushing station.broken Advanced in technology and quality, each device is composed of 25 basic modules, each module has a lot of options, according to the special requirements of customers, for customers 'order'. Crawler mobile crusher and Trucked mobile crusher can be used for rock and ore, block road asphalt concrete and demolition of the construction of cement concrete materials recycling.

mobile crushing plant

Trucked mobile crusher is installed, you can't directly for production work, must first through the test, inspection, qualified rear can put into production use, let's explain in detail when mobile crusher no-load test what are the specific requirements?

First of all, the tyre mobile crusher no-load test have very strict requirements, to operating personnel must know very well the crusher equipment, and know how to identify the fault and maintenance, must have related knowledge and operation after operation training qualified personnel of card mount guard, red star machine warm reminder, no other training mount guard personnel are strictly prohibited to operate the machine.

Second, no-load test before full inspection equipment, check the Trucked mobile crusher have to keep with the vertical and horizontal ground host doors have closed tight, the various parts of bolt is solid not loose.And carefully check whether equipment switch control and the power cord and power matching of crusher.Met the requirement of the bearing lubrication is there, is there a clean dust-free around the bearing.

Finally, no-load test, tyre mobile crusher must be 2 hours of continuous operation, the difference between bearing temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, check whether all of the fasteners and firm, avoid loose phenomenon, the flywheel must also be steady state operation, all friction parts have scratches, flaky, and the phenomenon of grinding, if there is any abnormal noise.

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