What say you Pale Soldiers? Metal Sucks: THE TOP 25 MODERN METAL GUITARISTS


Get your arguing pants on and prepare to have your self-worth via taste in music challenged! The lads at the MetalSucks Mansion have compiled another countdown list over which commenters will surely get steaming mad: The Top 25 Modern Metal Guitarists. 
The rules for inclusion in the list are simple:
a) the guitarists plays metal (duh)
b) plays guitar (double-duh)
c) has recorded something in the past five years

We didn’t invite any industry peeps or musicians to vote on this list — it was decided solely by The MetalSucks Get High Council. So if you love the list, you’ll have us to thank, and if you hate the list, you’ll have us to blame.

The list kicked off yesterday with #25, Origin's Paul Ryan, and will continue with one guitarist per day until we reach #1 in early June. Follow along with all the action here:

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If Devin Townsend is not at the top of this list, than it will have been a giant waste of time.

Kenny Hickey!!

Dave Mustaine should be on this list, hopefully he's in the top 10. 
add Dave Grohl and Pat Smear from the Foos
I'm glad to see Karl Sanders at number 5.
Generally I think that lists like this suck.

Generally they do. It all relies on who's writing it, what kind of taste they have, who they favor, etc.

There are plenty of great guitarists out there, and Michael is right, Dave should be on there.

But I'm like you, I really don't like lists composed by websites and magazines.

It always leaves me going "Really??". Especially when the jackasses at Rolling Stone decide they have the gall to make a list deciding who they think is best at what.

I would say Dave Nustaine should head this list.  He is the only guitarist out there that is actually getting better instead of just "trying new things."  Also, I heard the new Anthrax and both guitarists shine on it.  Can't wait for the new album.
Kirk Hammet, student of Joe Satriani.. NUFF said...
The only mustaine solo I like is Holy Wars..

I'm going to take a guess and assume you haven't heard Tornado of Souls. It's on the same album.

Go back and listen again!!!


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