I would love to see whats in the works for the next album, AHWFM is an everyday blast in my car kinda CD, I can't wait to hear what the new one will sound like...Bring it on Sal we the soldiers are ready anytime you are...

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lol the first one isnt out worldwide yet. ;) Gosh..rabid. lol
seriously though... this thing was recorded a while ago. no riffs or anything made up? nothing being tossed around?

I have got ideas and musical sketches in the works


Maybe it would be fun forthe fans to leave Sal ideas on things to write about. Or items to read that are sick, dark and twisted? Rob or Johnny, if you post it as a thread here, I will share it out. Who knows, maybe something will stick with him. I know he will read it...he reads everything and is everywhere...


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