My vote is Alice In Chains. Who do you think. What say you?

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I'd like to see them out with Fear Factory, Soulfly, Prong, or Kingdom of Sorrow.
Wouldn't matter. I'd be there to see APHND and probably show up late so I only see their set, or leave early if they're the opener.
I don't care just as long as they FINALY get some US gigs!  Every time I see a show overseas, I just get more and more frustrated.  They could have Pee Wee Herman come out and play the trumpet with his asshole and I still would be just as happy to finally see APHND live!
I totally agree with Alice in Chains, they've got enough in common that I'd bet plenty of Alice fans would walk away really enjoying what APHND has to offer. I could also see them being pretty compatible with some more doomy bands like Crowbar or Saint Vitus for instance.
I would like to see APHND with Danzig, definately a must see. Looking for some mid-west dates.

I have to agree with what,
MoGo said:
I'd like to see them out with Fear Factory, Soulfly, Prong, or Kingdom of Sorrow,Alice In Chains,Sevendust.
Seventh Void and Danzig
I vote yes!

Mike Hastings said:
Seventh Void and Danzig

Johnny would burn so many calories he would look like Starvin Marvin by the end of the tour.

Gates of Slumber. Otep. My Ruin. Pain of Days.

Here is a couple bands that would be cool to see them with:



Within Temptation

Paradise Lost

These Damned Things

BLS - why not?


Just musing..

They should be the opening act for 'Black Sabbath'... (original line up of course!).


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