On Januaray 4th, 2012 would have marked the great and legendary Peter Steele's 50th birthday. We should all celebrate the day by blasting some Type O and just remember the man.


To celebrate his upcoming event, I was just wondering what everyones fondest and most memorable memory was of Peter Steele....

.....for me, it was the times that I met Peter and the rest of Type O during shows in Toronto, Buffalo and Detriot, it was great that he took the time to take a picture, sign a cd or just chat for a brief moment. Peter was very approachable and kind and very thankful to the many fans that loved his music...... Peter, I wish you a very happy 50th, I know that I will be listening to TON all day long!!!!!! You are missed very much by the people that you touched.

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Comment by Beccles on January 7, 2012 at 3:05am

how lucky you are....I had been waiting for a dream to be fulfilled....that Type O Negative would come to I could experience it first will never heart breaking...RIP Peter....wish I found you sooner

Comment by MARY WOLFE (BloodSteele) on January 4, 2012 at 2:51am



Comment by Ericka Middleton on December 31, 2011 at 9:40pm

First time I met Peter I was 17 years old and it was either my first Carnivore or Type O show at L'Amour in Brooklyn.  This was probably 1991.  My friend walked up to him to tell him she loved his band because they were "Cheezy but in a good way".  The look he gave her was priceless.  I remember being amazed at how massively tall and mean looking he was, so I barely said a word to him.  A few years later, a friend of Peter's moved in with me and we were roommates for over a year.  I went to every Type O and Carnivore show I could get to and my roommate took me backstage a couple of times to meet the band.  I also distinctly remember Peter calling the apartment once looking for my roommate.  I could not mistake that voice...too bad I had no idea at the time how influential Peter and the band would become and how much they would come to mean to me throughout my life.  I would have appreciated what I then took for granted.  But I feel blessed to have had the chance to not only see so many Type O shows, most of them at L'amour in Brooklyn, but to have also had the chance to meet Peter and the band on several occasions.  Peter and Type O were and always will be a huge part of the soundtrack of my life :)  

Comment by Sherry Johnson on December 31, 2011 at 1:56pm

One of the few regrets of my life is never seeing TON live, or meeting Peter. It was just a couple of years ago that I realized that I was a Carnivore fan and didnt know it. Way back in the 80's, someone made me tapes of a couple of albums he had played, and I loved. I never knew the name of the band, but I loved those tapes. Eventually they broke, and that was it. A couple of years ago, someone posted a Carnivore song on my fb wall, and I was like" OMG, I KNOW THAT SONG!" It was the mysterious band I never knew the name of. It was right around that same time that I discovered TON was another band I had heard, but didn't know who they were. The 90's were kind of sheltered for me- I was busy raising kids and being broke. No money for concerts and the only music was what was on the radio. So it was about the same time I rediscovered Carnivore that I also rediscovered TON. So many of the songs/lyrics were so personal to me- they reached places in my heart, my soul, that normally stayed hidden. I was a rabid fan from that moment on, but it was only about a year later that my ex's girlfriend posted in her facebook music group about Peters death. I don't cry, but I did that day.
   I've since met so many people who either knew him, met him, or met the band. And the one thing that everyone says is" He/ they are just SO real, so down to Earth. Just great guys." And after having a little bit of contact with some of Petes family and band members, I know that's true.

  So, January 4th, I will be raising a glass( or several- or the whole bottle) of Merlot, watching After Dark and Sympathy for the Devil, and blasting as much TON as my family will let me get away with, in honor of Peters birthday.

   R.I.P.m Greenman, You will always be missed.

Comment by Regina Firefly on December 31, 2011 at 12:26pm

Well... I just don't really know where to start... It was in 2007 when I just saw that CARNIVORE are looking for Bloodgirls for the show in Saarbrücken. So I just wrote an email to Paul Bento, applied for it and got the "job".

When I arrived at the venue I was like a little kid waiting for meeting Santa Claus. haha.

When Peter came in, I was just overwhelmed! (I have to mention that he totally is my MUSICIAN god!) He was such a nice guy. Totally caring! We talked a lot and had a lot of fun. (Even if I had to slap his face cause he was grabbing my ass! And no, NOT EVEN PETER IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH! HA!)

The gig was awesome and ppl went totally nuts! Aftershow was even better! We went to the bus with the whole band and crew, ate some KFC chicken wings and talked. Then Peter wanted to have some "fun" with that chick... And he also wanted me to join. But sorry, not with me. Oh my god, the gross pictures are just popping up in my head again, when I think about what we saw when we opened the door to his "private room" in the bus. (If Johnny is reading this: Remember the stories I told you at SummerBreeze festival about that evening! haha)

Whatever... I met a lot of cool ppl on that tour who also became my friends. (Roy (ex Born From Pain), Jeremy (my hubby <3), Joey Z, Paul Bento, the rest of the CARNIVORE-crew and of course PETER.) Thanks for the memories.

Happy 50th Peter! You are missed so fucking bad!

To Sal, Matt, Eric and Johnny: See ya on tour!


Comment by APHND NEWS on December 31, 2011 at 11:30am

The first time I saw them open for Pantera, I was in Montreal and Peter came out and was larger the life. I was a drunk college student and was hooked by the end of Too Late / Frozen.

My most memorable memory of Peter was waiting to interview him for our college radio station at the old Avalon in Boston (now The House of Blues). I watched the sound check before the show with a guy named Wookie, my friend Sparky, and a girl in a fur coat holding a Victoria's Secret box. After the sound check Peter came over and apologized for having to blow off the interview, but.....then motioned toward the girl holding the box. I knew exactly why....priorities. And away he went and I chatted with Johnny. Which in itself was great. Johnny and I have stayed in touch over the years and now here I am today helping him and Sal w APHND. It is possible if Peter didn't go to lay some pipe, I wouldn't have gotten to know Johnny, which then would have led to this fantastic and fun side job helping APHND.

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