You guys see this? I am not sure if APHND qualifies. But thought I would share anyways:


It's a small anniversary for the NEW BLOOD AWARD this year (, as it's round five for our newcomer contest. The winners of the last few years have already shown what different kinds of talent exist in our scene, who find a platform at SUMMER BREEZE. This mix is the essence of an extraordinary newcomer contest which presents a little change in 2011, making it even more interesting for all of you. While limited to the German-speaking countries in the last few years, the NEW BLOOD AWARD finally goes international, getting ready for the competition from near and far. As of now, we welcome all applications from non-German-speaking countries, taking the contest to the next level.

The NEW BLOOD AWARD is one of the most important prizes for young, up-and-coming metal bands. The winner's from the last few years – STITCH, FUCK YOUR SHADOW FROM BEHIND, SECOND RELATION and BLEEDING RED – have shown there are high-quality bands in the underground and that it's time to offer international bands a platform too.

Tradition has it that the winners will get the chance to open the SUMMER BREEZE festival on one of the open air stages, presenting their material to an expert audience at one of Germany's biggest festivals. Furthermore, the band will receive the specially made NEW BLOOD AWARD on one of the open air stages.

About the conditions:
You have no deal, but loads of potential?
You want to put up your material in an international competition?
What are you waiting for? Send us your demos and self-released albums before March 31, 2011. In order to provide all participating bands with equal chances, we will not cover any travel and accomodation costs. Please take this into consideration before submitting your material.

New Blood Award
Postfach 500848
70338 Stuttgart

Thanks in advance for your submissions!

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