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Dale Sutherland

Type O Negative(World coming down)


october rust

Burton O'Barker

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Jessica Rose

This is the most unfair question of…

Dörte Baarß

Bloody Kisses

steve maxwell jr

alice cooper billion dollar babys

Gutter Candy

Alice In Chains - Dirt

Ted Blair

Laughing Academy by Punihsment of…

Mick Pygram

World Coming Down

Adrian Lozano

the land of rape and honey- Ministry

Dan Mrozinski

korn - korn

Andres F Herrera

All type o negative

John Keese

Tough question

Chris Andreasen

Motorhead - Inferno

Michael Murtaugh

Vulger Display of Power

Amy Wigle

Type O Negative - October…


black sabbath=sabotage

Shawn Karma Petersen

hall of the mountain king. Savatage

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