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Thomas Kaddatz

slow, deep and hard!

Thierry Meijdam

All hope is gone - Slipknot

Babette Franke

Pfff... Have a minute?!


Black Sabbath - Sabotage

jordan buell

october rust

James Gibbons

Bone Machine by Tom Waits

Brian Yanko

Bloody Kisses/River Runs Rud

Pierre Klootwijk

many albums , (metal)

Renee Collins

World Coming Down - Type O Negative

Travis Church

Too many to really list first Album…

David Colvin

Electric Lady Land


river runs red

Barry McBroom

And Hell Will Follow

henry verschelden

wish you were here.. pink floyd


Type (-) Negative October Rust

Sarah A Walsh

Type o Negative - October Rust

Nicolai Vesterager

Volbeat - The Strenght/The…

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