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Brad Covert

World Coming Down by Type O Negative

Mike Tedone

Alice in Chains - Dirt


holy shit... ummm.... Last…

Theis Christoffersen

Saturnus - Veronica decides to die…

Holly Beard

Korn - Follow The Leader/ Type O…

Nicole Losey

Bloody Kisses & October Rust

ian stroud

type o negatve- October Rust


Tough call. I like so many things…

joseph fields

and hell will follow with me

JJK Canada

Impossible to choose. Influential…

Peter Holt

Bloody Kisses

Rose Genei

Dead again Type O Negative

Jeffrey Easton

Thats like picking your fav kid..

Arttu Sävy

Riskin' it all

Mark Henry

first & last &…

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